Newsletter-powered businesses are mini Apples

Dec 11, 2023

What's one of the few events that can make people stay in line for hours on end? Here's some clues:

  1. It's not a Taylor Swift concert, a free gelato giveaway, or Black Friday.

  2. People from all walks of life with at least $1200 in spare money line up for this same thing.

It's the latest iPhone launch.

Apple is able to sell the same freaking phone each year because they've got a community of people obsessed with their products.

It took them decades and lots of money to build such a community.

A community is hard to build but easy to sell to.

And as crazy as it sounds, you should aim to create such a community for your business.

I know. Most of us don't have millions of dollars to spend promoting our businesses. But we do have a tool at our disposal that makes it possible to create a community like Apple's.

And no, it's not email marketing. It's a step above that.

It's called a newsletter.

But over the last couple of years, newsletters have been promoted as the business itself — not as a tool for one's business. It's all about content creation and getting sponsors.

What if you're more of a product builder or a service provider?

What if you're just looking for something that translates into more sales for your business?

Creating a newsletter business doesn't make sense.

But... building a newsletter-powered business does.

What's a newsletter-powered business

An email marketing-powered business is like Super Mario before he eats a mushroom.

A newsletter-powered business is a mushroom-enhanced Super Mario version of that.

A newsletter-powered business uses a newsletter as its marketing funnel. Like with email marketing, potential customers enter your email list if they subscribe.

But unlike email marketing, the focus isn't to immediately sell them something.

It's all about entertaining, educating, or informing them through content they find useful. As a result:

  • They look forward to hearing from you on a regular basis

  • You build a trusting relationship with them overtime

  • They don't see you as another business trying to sell them something

Yeah, you'll get pretty wacky results with a newsletter. Believe it or not, this is possible as long as you know how to deploy a newsletter like a pro. Just ask Agora.

And because readers like what you're sending their way, they're more open to giving your business' products and services an opportunity.

In other words, you get many shots at the goal.

Potential customers won't get annoyed by your sales pitches. Why? Because your newsletter provides them with something they find valuable.

It's a win-win situation for both them and your business.

How to build a newsletter-powered business

Start off by creating a newsletter. You could do it for free using Beehiiv. It's my favorite, and lots of other people's favorite, newsletter platform. Here's my affiliate link in case you want to help a brother out.

Then, think about what content current and potential customers will find useful.

  • A newsletter about tips for homeowners could work if you've got a home construction company

  • A newsletter breaking down what longevity trends are worth looking into could work if you're a gym owner

You get the gist. Put yourself in your customers shoes. Do some research, chat with them, see what they're talking about online, and create a newsletter about that.

You need to build a newsletter-powered business ASAP.

I'm not sharing an untested business idea with you. It's something innovative companies are implementing today. They're looking to build communities like Apple's via newsletters.

Don't believe me? Check out some newsletter-powered businesses:

Many more businesses will look to become newsletter-powered businesses in the future. That's the no-brainer way to build a community of people obsessed with your business' products and services.

What's stopping you from becoming one?